Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My reading around the subject has translated into some decent (in my mind) conversations with the children over dinner about stereotypes and harassment and inequalities. I've just finished a brilliant book by the brilliant Laura Bates called Everyday Sexism. She span it out of the blog with the same name. The book is wonderful (and horrifying) in all ways. So I was delighted to discover that she's 'made' a new book called Girl Up. I eagerly ordered it from the library and collected it last night.

A good title. So when last night's meal was done, I say encouragingly to the child: "what do you make of this title? What does it mean to you?" (Ever the researcher - poor kids.) We discuss it a little and she leans in to peer over my shoulder as I open the book to see what wonders it contains. 

To see ARRRGGGHHHHHHH AIIIEEEEEE inside the front cover. So that caused some disruption and indecent conversation around the table. All in a good cause, though, eh?

Monday, March 19, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

I saw Footloose The Musical at the King's tonight. Though I should maybe say 'at Capital Theatres'. It was the perfect antidote to Tuesday night watching focus groups and Wednesday and Thursday nights running focus groups. I am glad it's Friday.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

 Black Panther two nights ago. But not just Black Panther but Black Panther in 4DX. Oh my, it was thrilling.
The film was a good film. The sort of whip-cracking spear-wielding invincible action movie that you'd expect from Marvel. Some cracking performances elevated some rather lumpen dialogue on occasion. The costumes were completely gorgeous. I loved loved (want to be) Lupita Nyong'o.
But the whole thing was hopelessly enhanced by this crazy 4DX thing. You sit in a kind of throne. You're rocked about in your seat, you're punched in the back (may as well be) during the fight scenes, you're pummelled with jets of air, legs lashed with whippy things, gently sprinkled with water when they're vying to be king (spoiler alert) in the picturesque waterfall and the little purple flowers in the magical healing glade - the scent is sent wafting over us. 
I can see 4DX will be a good thing and a bad thing. It will be used to transform eminently mediocre films into something a little more out of the ordinary. But used 'wisely'. Wow. I was cynical before I arrived but I am a total and utter convert. Possibly helped by watching the child excitably punching the air as she got pummelled in the back. 

Monday, March 05, 2018

Now I've seen The Shape Of Water twice. I loved it very much the first time.  Tears poured out of my eyes repeatedly. And then I was home at the weekend and my dad hadn't seen it so we trooped off to see it again. It's a film that stands repeat views perfectly well. In fact, the second viewing revealed all sort of detail that I hadn't spotted the first time in my haste to enjoy the story. I'm v pleased about its Oscars.
Red Sparrow. Not so much. Having viewed it once, I shall not rush back to see it again. Jennifer Lawrence was as marvellous as an American burdened with a Russian accent could be. As marvellous as a Jeremy Irons also saddled with a rather fainter Russian accent. But the plot was convoluted, focused rather too much on sex and skinning people for my liking and the undoubtedly stellar cast never quite brought it to life. Poor film. It was full of promise and looked pretty good but this little bird never quite took flight for me. The poster was better.