Monday, July 24, 2006

Had our first production meeting yesterday. It was tremendously exciting. Nobody laughed when I described my vague 'vision' for the production.

More excitingly still, it seems there might be a way to procure a projector so my multimedia dream may yet be shared with a wider audience. My very efficient general manager has all sorts of plans for reduced rates and enterprising deals and so forth. Which would solve the child problem in one neat fell swoop.

A really excellent girl has volunteered to be stage manager in a remarkable gesture of good faith. Jo thinks I might be able to twist Hamish's arm about doing sound (which I somehow doubt but I guess it's worth a twist. I do keep wistfully thinking of things that I feel sure Hamish would deal with beautifully and in my unimaginative mind, no-one else would be able to understand or more to the point, brilliantly create.) And I'm still exceptionally chuffed about my lighting / set men. (Must remember to incorporate the lamppost!)

What a fine show it should be. Now I need to turn my attention to adminy things. Props lists. Rehearsal schedules and so forth. And how nice to have time before we start rehearsing to get these things sorted out.

I suggested to the cast when I emailed / mailed them the cast list that they contribute to a sister blog, charting the progress of the production from their point of view. But maybe no-one else has grown so self-indulgently accustomed to the sound of their own voice as I have. So maybe we won't have any takers for that...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy days (as the Ladies of Alabama said in Juan Les Pins only 4 days ago). No-one has yet got in touch with me and turned down a part. Though my home phone is out of order (again!) so maybe they've been trying.

And J Gordon Hughes, a brilliant lighting chap, has agreed to do my lights. And lovely Andy has said he'll build my set (though he's thoughtlessly going to the camel races in the first two weeks of November so can't faithfully steer me through production week which is a damn shame. Fancy putting camels ahead of CCC...). So all in all, we're in good shape I think. Considering it's still only July. Happy days indeed.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Well it's done. All cast. Everyone seems to have been kind enough to accept their parts. Christelle, matriarch of the group, has sanctioned my choices. And even gone so far as to say that she thinks we should spend as much money on this production as it takes to get it right. A compliment indeed.

I have what I anticipate will be a very good general manager on board. So it's all systems go. Farcically, although it seems to have been a long long time in coming, it's now only four and a half months til show time...