Wednesday, March 07, 2018

 Black Panther two nights ago. But not just Black Panther but Black Panther in 4DX. Oh my, it was thrilling.
The film was a good film. The sort of whip-cracking spear-wielding invincible action movie that you'd expect from Marvel. Some cracking performances elevated some rather lumpen dialogue on occasion. The costumes were completely gorgeous. I loved loved (want to be) Lupita Nyong'o.
But the whole thing was hopelessly enhanced by this crazy 4DX thing. You sit in a kind of throne. You're rocked about in your seat, you're punched in the back (may as well be) during the fight scenes, you're pummelled with jets of air, legs lashed with whippy things, gently sprinkled with water when they're vying to be king (spoiler alert) in the picturesque waterfall and the little purple flowers in the magical healing glade - the scent is sent wafting over us. 
I can see 4DX will be a good thing and a bad thing. It will be used to transform eminently mediocre films into something a little more out of the ordinary. But used 'wisely'. Wow. I was cynical before I arrived but I am a total and utter convert. Possibly helped by watching the child excitably punching the air as she got pummelled in the back. 


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