Friday, July 27, 2018

And then I was back and so very happy to be back in the same room as them. Whilst I fiercely hate being away on holiday when I'm rehearsing a show, it does make the return to Edinburgh infinitely happier. Here are the girls, gossiping away and hopefully plotting to rule the world before the rehearsal began. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

So I've been away on holiday like a slacker but luckily, it's all been happening in my absence. Everyone else is considerately now back from their holidays so we have more or less a full cast again. Jennie, our costume star, has done a wondrous job of conveying her concept to the cast and they all turned up more or less fully dressed on Sunday for our costume parade. And two weeks today, the show will have gone on. Crazy days. 
If you wish to avail yourself of some tickets, you'll find them here. Effectively, we've sold out more than a night already - although stretched over the six performances. If you've not decided on a night to come yet, Wednesday would be the one. We've got the SCDA Full Length Play adjudicator in - and we've currently sold 4 other tickets. You'll be particularly welcome if you have a boisterous and infectious laugh.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The list of things I have done wrong is getting longer and longer.  It's really hopeless. We turned up at our costume / props / set store on Sunday morning to harvest necessary things for the show. Myself, Alan, costume lady Jennie who shouldn't yet know that I'm a total shambles. To discover that I had brought a several years old key that wouldn't turn in the lock to the open the door. Thank goodness for Dan not having gone on holiday and instead, being obligingly sat at home, being tested on his lines by The Captain, so he could race along and save us.
The flyers for this show are such a fiasco that I can't even talk about it any more. 
And in amongst all of this trying to get organised before I stupidly go on holiday in a week and a bit, chasing cast for biogs for the programme and blah, people - other people - not in the cast - want to buy show t-shirts which is so marvellous I want to dance. But the time to organise this is slim just now.
Anyway, a true cause for joy is rehearsals which continue to be a delight. The children are all wonderful. Bright as buttons and so farcically well organised and alert and interested. 
More meaningfully from a financial point of view, we have now sold tickets for each and every night of the show. And it's only 3 July. My little over-anxious, over-stretched heart swells.