Monday, March 05, 2018

Now I've seen The Shape Of Water twice. I loved it very much the first time.  Tears poured out of my eyes repeatedly. And then I was home at the weekend and my dad hadn't seen it so we trooped off to see it again. It's a film that stands repeat views perfectly well. In fact, the second viewing revealed all sort of detail that I hadn't spotted the first time in my haste to enjoy the story. I'm v pleased about its Oscars.
Red Sparrow. Not so much. Having viewed it once, I shall not rush back to see it again. Jennifer Lawrence was as marvellous as an American burdened with a Russian accent could be. As marvellous as a Jeremy Irons also saddled with a rather fainter Russian accent. But the plot was convoluted, focused rather too much on sex and skinning people for my liking and the undoubtedly stellar cast never quite brought it to life. Poor film. It was full of promise and looked pretty good but this little bird never quite took flight for me. The poster was better.


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