Tuesday, July 24, 2018

So I've been away on holiday like a slacker but luckily, it's all been happening in my absence. Everyone else is considerately now back from their holidays so we have more or less a full cast again. Jennie, our costume star, has done a wondrous job of conveying her concept to the cast and they all turned up more or less fully dressed on Sunday for our costume parade. And two weeks today, the show will have gone on. Crazy days. 
If you wish to avail yourself of some tickets, you'll find them here. Effectively, we've sold out more than a night already - although stretched over the six performances. If you've not decided on a night to come yet, Wednesday would be the one. We've got the SCDA Full Length Play adjudicator in - and we've currently sold 4 other tickets. You'll be particularly welcome if you have a boisterous and infectious laugh.


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