Thursday, May 10, 2018

I saw a very gripping play a week and a bit ago. Gut by Frances Poet. Directed by Zinnie Harris. On at the Traverse for a little bit longer maybe.
It's nicely topical which always gets a show brownie points. It speaks of a couple with a 3 year old child. The child is out for lunch with his gran. The gran is busy at the till in the cafe, juggling tray and purse and trying to pay, when the wee boy announces he urgently needs the toilet. A guy behind them in the queue offers to take him. Crisis averted. All good. But then the gran relays this episode to the parents and they slowly, simmeringly, seethe with uncertainty.
It's a great premise. We don't know and they don't know at any point whether the stranger did anything other than take the little guy for a wee. But the feverish, over-excited and suspicious world that we live in, works relentlessly on the parents, driving the mother in particular slightly mad. It's an extra great story line in this era of fake news. What is truth when it walked out of the cafe with the kindly stranger?
Mainly you should see this because the story nicely lingers. But it's also brilliantly directed, excellently acted, has pitch perfect sound, is thoughtfully lit and will chill you to the bone.
Though if you have small children, I'd maybe stay away.


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