Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Oh Germaine. I felt I had to read your great work, The Female Eunuch. One of my workshopees recommended it aside from anything. And I understand it's considered to be a classic.
And I have struggled through the 370 pages fascinated by the chapter in which you collected together every disparaging word ever known to describe womankind. 
I stumbled over your judicious use of Anglo-Saxon anatomical terms.
I struggled much with your suggestion that men and women alike prefer a male doctor. 
I endured your hectoring, sometimes verging on vituperative tone. 
But you lost me once and for all (though by page 340ish, to be fair, I was far from being a paid up member of your school of vehement thought - even if you have done excellently well at being a woman in academia at a time when there really weren't very many - this fact made me want to like you) when you suggested (see bottom of the page) that you had not, prior to the writing of the book at least, been beaten in a relationship because it was "abundantly clear from my attitude that I was not impressed by it.". Oh Germaine, would that was how the world worked.


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