Thursday, June 05, 2014

I'm touched, impressed and enormously warmed of heart by the number of people who are helping with The Quest for a location.

The National Theatre of Scotland (lovely, sweet Elena) have been extremely kind, supportive and encouraging of what is essentially a gigantic pest for them. I could've just turned up quietly at one of the performing hubs. Got my girls and guy to say their piece and slunk away again into the night. But they embraced my wistful dream to go straight to the beating heart of power in this fair country, spoke enticing words of promise to the Parliament themselves and commiserated when the chance slithered from my grasp.

They could (should) have shoved me towards the hub at that point. Rather than saying "yes, Claire, of course you can inconvenience us some more by fankling around trying to find an alternative". But they didn't. They said "we know you should've given us x, y and quite a lot of z by now but it's ok. We have faith. Wander forth and find yourself a new playground." So for them - and / or for Elena - my sincere gratitude.

Then we have Cari (aka The Artist) who suggested Dundas House in St Andrew's Square, smart girl. And sent me a passel of serviced offices. Alan (aka the Private Secretary) who explored the possibility of using an office at the (posh) school at which he teaches, only to discover extra-curricular activities which would thwart that. Siobhan (Assistant Director) who ventured into the jaws of the lion (well, RBS) to get contact details for the "owner" of office space at Dundas House. And to Sandra who kindly shared my email with the no doubt myriad of people who would need to vet such a decision at the bank. ("Don't hold your breath but I've tried" she said, in a beautiful show of pragmatism.)

Thank you to the girl on reception at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society who let me prowl in and look at their boardroom (yup, beautiful). And gave me the contact details for the events team.

Thank you to Helen, the extremely creative TV producer, who sent me a bunch of suggestions first off. And then contacted someone whose name I don't even know but nonetheless sent me a pack of ideas for places including (WHY didn't I think of it??) Creative Scotland. So that's another email winging its way.

Thank you to Sara who told me my suggestion was impractical and suggested another better one.

Thanks to Phil who emailed a friend of his in South Africa (that's SOUTH AFRICA) because this friend once was the beneficiary of business investments from a handful of beautifully-officed companies in Edinburgh. Who are clearly more than likely to give up this space on a Monday evening for a girlfriend of a friend of the man they invested money with some several years ago. Who wouldn't respond to a plea like that?

And thank you to Neil who, notwithstanding the imminent addition to his family, forced his father's arms open to this collection of marauding mummers. For his father happens to be the owner of an office in the industrial east side of Edinburgh. And this assistance purely on the strength of reading this. This blog. Not a jovial emailed entreaty in sight.

What stars people are.

I now need to visit this aforementioned father's premises to do - I don't even know what - some sort of speed test for that thing called t'internet. To check that the no doubt long-suffering camera crew would actually be able to properly do their thing on the middle east side of the 'burgh. So that is my what next.

The rest of you, if you're watching and know that your office has posh chairs, a shiny desk and a quick t'internet, get in touch. My deadline's Friday. 


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