Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A feast of teen movies last week. Well, two. Divergent. And The Amazing Spider-Man. 

Both were fun. Divergent was beautifully art-directed. Spidey was beautifully edge-of-your-seat crash bang wallop gripping.

Both were thin on plot.

(Spoiler alert.)

Divergent is about a girl who doesn't feel like she fits in. (But good news. Nor does the hot boy who's responsible for making her into something she maybe is or isn't really.)

Spidey is about the dread devastation of being let down by someone you thought was a friend. And just in case you didn't quite get it the first time, this plot line is recycled across characters kind, villainous and disappointment-turned-villainous for 141 minutes.

Don't get me wrong. They're both great popcorn movies. But more interesting was the fact that the passel of teenagers with whom I viewed the aforementioned were enthralled involved delighted with both storylines (clever (older) cynic aside). Child of Siobhan liked Divergent so much that she went to see it twice.

So I see that the reason the only reason I can be so dispassionately critical of both films is because I am TOO OLD. I am no longer wrestling (much) with the nature of my identity. I discovered far too long ago to be storyline-immersed that people Will let you down. And therefore, the novelty - the need to consider reflect observe regret come to terms with rue and rue the day - is much reduced.

My advice to you then, if considering either, is take some teenagers along and enjoy them not quite knowing themselves yet. With a gigantic bucket of popcorn to occupy the dull bits.


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