Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tonight tonight tonight opens the long in the making Scottish premiere of Tracy Letts' fabulously dark and funny August: Osage County. 

You may have seen the (dreary) film. Rest assured that this is sharper, crueller, less indulgent and very very funny.

We have an excitingly stellar cast for you: Wendy Mathison, Richard Godden, Robin Thomson, Alan Patterson, Klara Rohe, Laurence Waring, Cari Silver, Kenneth Brangman, Helen Goldie and I'm pretty sure I've missed a few fine people out of that list.

Gordon Craig has poured pure love into the set. And David Grimes and Ross Hope have poured so much love and care and attention into directing this beast that it deserves to win prizes at Crufts.

Do go see. It's on at Adam House at 7pm (note 7pm!!) from Wednesday to Saturday this week. Tickets here.

We'll look forward to seeing you there.


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