Monday, May 05, 2014

An amazing show on Saturday night.

Pressure. At the ever beautiful Lyceum.

Written by David Haig and also starring himveryself, it tells the gripping tale of Scottish meteorologist, Group Captain James Stagg (one-time teacher at Heriots, no less), who wound up advising General Eisenhower to reschedule Operation Overlord.

It's an incredible story. And an incredible concept for a play. Covering a four day period, the play is essentially about The Weather. And bear in mind that they didn't have all these whizzy charts and alluringly dressed weather presenters in 1944. So we make do with painted charts that - saints preserve us - don't animate. It ought to be boring.

But thanks to a cracking piece of writing from Mr Haig, it isn't remotely. It's compelling, edge-of-the-seat-ly so. Extraordinary given all of this happened seventy years ago. And that we all kinda know what happened. But none of that matters.

We end up caring enormously for this brusque man, despatched from the provinces to the ramshackle makeshift "family", bound together by impending catastrophe rather than blood. To the point that

Well, I shan't tell you what happens.

The set is just the ticket. The lighting is discretely marvellous. Summer's day to storms in a (lightning-less) flash. The costumes (and the actors) are so eerily real that I entirely forgot that they'd all troop out the stage door in jeans when they were done. You're almost - almost - transported.

Go see. As @uberpiglet said, it's the best thing we've seen at the Lyceum in ages.


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