Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Went to see Douglas Maxwell's "The Mother Ship" on Friday at the Traverse. I hadn't quite realised this was a play for younger people. And not discovering it until the end, I wonder if perhaps I still have the mind of a younger person as I thought it was charming.

Really sweetly acted and beautifully staged, it was a lovely little tale of I suppose the misconceptions that govern the way you treat people. And very often shouldn't.

I think my enjoyment of the humour was perhaps rather enhanced by a couple of beers and a portion of a bottle of wine. And I proceeded to send myself further on the way to drunken-ness after the event in celebration. Thank goodness for precious 1am pasta takeout from ever reliable Dario's on Lothian Road.

Then almost final rehearsal for 4:48 on Sunday. It was pretty rubbishy. But that's a good thing surely..?


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