Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Poor Matt.

Last night, I smacked him in the jaw and could have sworn I heard the bone crack (though he maintains it was "just" his teeth clacking together). This during my faint when I didn't quite fling my arm high enough to make it over his head to his shoulder to pre-empt the carrying.

He staggered three to four times and had to put me down rather than carrying me smoothly across the stage. (The sack of potatoes moment.)

I ran at him across the stage to greet him, full of innocent love, and he staggered backwards at the force of my approach.

The only good thing is I managed on repeated occasions not to slap him. When he jilts me, I am roused to rage so slap him across the chops. But I fear that in my rage, I may not be capable of the gentle slap he and Mr Grimes are hoping for. I shall have to practice gentle slaps on someone. Volunteers...?


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