Monday, October 30, 2006

Had a shocking rehearsal yesterday. And an expensive one as this was at the Quaker Meeting House so costs us the prime total of £13 an hour. However, given how much dithering and faffing seems to spring from being in something more closely resembling the real stage space, I feel (mostly) glad that we've lashed out to pay for it.

Books down a week ago - actually, I'm looking at the calendar and it was like 2 weeks ago. And you always expect it to take a terrible dip when people are floundering around remembering lines. To be fair, you don't expect people still to be trotting round clutching the book. But then, we had three people missing last night. The poor hardy prompt read in for them all. So it was hardly circumstances conducive to success. Nonetheless, it was hardly satisfactory.

My greatest sorrow was that Christelle - so cheerfully positive last time she saw it - shook her head with sorry gloom and said she "didn't believe anyone". Her greatest insult. So that's a problem to add to the long list.

I received feedback from one of the actors on Fri night at the comedy slave auction (at which I was sold off for £40 to host a Stars in their Eyes party at my flat. Got off very lightly I feel!) that I wasn't giving enough detailed direction. And to be fair, this was only adding to the chorus (I say that melodramatically although perhaps it's only one other that has seriously said this). So I tried hard to take copious notes last night and wade, treacle-like, through them at the end of each act. Except we ran out of time for act two notes. Something to look forward to.

Anyway, I was foul tempered by the time we'd finished. Hating everyone. But then my sweet technical boys wanted to consult me so we trotted off to the pub and I came away feeling curiously happier. Maybe even if the acting is poor, the lights and sound will be so marvellous that no-one will notice..?


Blogger Golfer said...

Don't worry. This is just the dark before the dawn. It will get better. There were here and there signs of improvement. Look at how much Charmaine has come on for instance.

10:11 am  

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