Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oddly and fortuitously, Frankfurt was rather as I had imagined the 'world of CCC'. Except it was rather more polished and shiny than CCC-land which, in my head, is rather more 'shabby-chic' as e-bay would have it. Still, a good starting point.

I think we're getting there. Of course, I've said that before and we turned out not to be. But I have all my bit parts cast - for the moment anyway. We still have cast on holiday, always on bloody holiday. So I haven't ever had a scene run through with a complete cast in attendance. I could never have imagined how frustrating that would be. Still, now I know.

But then there are the faithful "little people" who turn up patiently and perfectly on time, week after week, to say their two lines before dissolving away again into the night. It seems very unjust.

We've had no takers so far for this fantastical idea about a schools matinee. Although this does have the handy consequence of meaning that I don't have to put together a workshop for a bunch of sullen schoolchildren. But at least the ticket line is up and running for the real show nights.

And my production crew seem to be beavering away (although god knows really whether they're doing anything or not - but you must hope). So getting there.

Hey, we start five weeks today. Ulp. Think about Frankfurt instead.


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