Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, fingers crossed, I think we can do this.

More auditions this evening and another four people turned up. Along with an apology thanks to a kidney infection and a message on my answerphone from someone else who wanted to check time and place. So I have (just counting up numbers from the special book) 21 people who have expressed a willingness to participate. And a couple more that I could chase up if I was feeling enthusiastic.

I’ve got a tremendous number of good girls now. I hate not having enough parts to give them all something nice to do. I wondered as I wandered home whether Little Fox mightn’t be played by a girl. So maybe there are other parts beyond the lawyers and the doctors that could be girls. I need to consult my spreadsheet…

But how exciting. It’s a lovely light evening the day after the longest day of the year, I have Nigel Slater’s trusty roast chicken risotto bubbling and gulping on the stove and a little fluttery gurgle of optimistic anticipation in my tummy. Or maybe I’m just hungry.


Blogger Golfer said...

Looking good then.

8:44 am  

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