Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Two very bad things (well, relatively) happened in the last 24 hours and one very good thing. 

Due to total oafishness and trying to do too many things all at once, I managed to give my house key to Helen to let everyone in to Monday's rehearsal which I couldn't attend on account of a work function. Luckily, Alan was able to attend so Helen was nominated as key mule. Or not, as the case may be as she arrived to find the keys didn't work. Of course. One is for my house and the other must be my office. Luckily, DG saved the day, flew round and let everyone in. But the thought of ten year old children lurking on the pavement on a damp June day still sends chills up my spine. 

Then the flyers for our Fringe shows arrived. With DG. And he reported that they were flimsy,  my powerful artwork bleeding into his delicate artwork. (An exquisite irony for a play about lack of power.) So I studied the order I'd placed and realised I'd ordered them to be printed on THIN FLIMSY SCRAPPY PAPER. Oaf. So that's 2,000 pieces of tree destroyed unnecessarily. Good work, cmf.

To redeem the dark and shameful hours, I got sent some pics last night from a photoshoot happening, luckily entirely independently of me, with brilliant photographer Judith and my wonderful designer friend Michelle who gave us the idea and then also obligingly lent us her legs. This is intended to be used, once done, as a publicity shot for the show. I am most lucky to know such wondrous women. 


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