Monday, February 12, 2018

So then there was the fourth workshop. No pressure on this one as my ending had been cruelly blown out of the water only the day before. So I stepped into the fourth and final session with fear in my heart and panic in my eyes. 

One of my worst habits is only being able to imagine one possible outcome or solution to a situation. I do it at work all the time. And it seems I am the same when I write. If my first practical solution doesn't work, well, arrrggghhh, I must be an incompetent failure. It's an unconstructive habit is for sure. Imagine if Darwin had thought like that.

On the plus side, it brought an added fervour to the workshop on my part. I bought extra doughnuts in the hopes of spurring them on to extra greatness. And off we went.

All about the improvising of outcomes. Warming up on the scenes just before the ending where the screws are tightened on poor Becs. That was very helpful and interesting. And then and then the ending. 

Taking the cruellest of tactics, I flung people into the ring with a set of instructions. And WHAT DO YOU KNOW? I have the imaginative repertoire of a goldfish in a bowl. Purely with the contents of their heads and their clever imaginations and their horrifying experience of life to date, here are four different possible endings. For wily trickery, all were outstanding. For riling to the point of no return passion, the gold star to Penny who at the climactic moment of the scene did what women everywhere, mostly daily, yearn to do: screech out "screw you!" So this currently occupies pride of place in the script. Whether it will survive the cuts and recuts is another thing. 

The redrafted ending (courtesy of a frantic night of writing last Wed) is a sort of hybrid of all of the cleverness. I need now to do some tying up of ends. I realise I've left one plot strand hanging, untended. And a pigeon incident at the weekend may make it into the script too. But all in all, well, I won't speak too soon.

Anyway, happy Monday.