Sunday, October 13, 2013

In amongst incessant rehearsing and various rogue focus groups, a few snatched moments for (fortuitously) beautiful things.

Last weekend, Sunshine on Leith. The celluloid version. And I cannot say in honesty that the dialogue is the best I've ever given ear to. But the energy and the charm and the sweetness - alongside stunning performances from Peter Mullan and Jane Horrocks - meant this was a perfectly delicious birthday Saturday night out with my (increasingly less) little sister.

This Saturday, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. And my oh my, I can't pretend to understand most of the purpose or message or themes or whatever. But wow, it was beautiful.

The costumes were quite stunning. Lovely net Tshirts and shiny pants for the first piece. Beautiful tiny corsets and loose long pants in sombre muted shades for piece two. And some sort of (fifties?) homage to office wear in the deliciously frisky piece three. Plus loads of paper.

The lighting was everything that the dreadful thing Cari and I endured in the EIF wasn't. Elegant. Considered. Fabulous fun use of a scrim. Great stuff.

But quite rightly, the dancing was the star of the show. Rubbery is a decidedly limp and unromantic word to use about a troupe of dancers. Fliud would be better, wouldn't it? So let's say beautifully fluid performances. The sort that made you want to dance home.

They're in Bradford and Leicester this week if you happen to be passing through and fancy an unmitigated treat.


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