Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I'm shedding people from the rehearsal schedule at the moment with a ruthless vigour. 

I stood five people down from tonight's rehearsal. And one who had never actually been called in the first place out of a sort of creeping paranoia.

I shed five or six more people from a rehearsal last week on the grounds that their scenes were looking pretty good, thank you very much so cue substitute character work for the others.

Hard to know whether this summoning and then dismissing in advance is detrimental to a cast member's feeling of love for the show. I worry vaguely, particularly having stood down the poor Soothsayer twice in a row, that it might leave them feeling unloved.

But I hark back to days gone by when I myself was a cast and think that I was only ever delighted when given an unexpected night off. So I'm hoping they don't mind.

The worst possible outcome is that - as last Tuesday - I merrily forget a man. There I was innocently doing groups in Glasgow. There was Cinna The Poet, fresh back from glorious holiday, desperately trying to do his bit and attend a rehearsal. 

Sorry, CP (as distinct to CC). I'll try not to be so disorganised again.


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