Monday, September 23, 2013

First full run through yesterday. With words and movements. 

Missing only four of the cast which would have proved an insurmountable problem with my last show which boasted a perfectly formed cast of five. But for this, at just under a sixth of the total head count, seemed like a skippy walk in the park.

You know the way the world swirled about in dark unformed chaos before God / the Big Bang created the world? I expected that. Judging from the last time we attempted the crowd scenes. 

Instead I got

(I'm assuming you know your Bible)


Some sort of (albeit straggly and sometimes uncertain) Order. 

My Birmingham-based conspirator was disadvantaged by having been Alpine for the past week.

The kids were disadvantaged by, in some cases, having never done this or that scene before. 

But the rest of the grown people were, for the most part, apparently in control. 

With flashes of Nice Little Moments. 

As (I think) Antony says at one point in Shakespeare's sequel: "I am satisfied".


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