Monday, September 16, 2013

Seven rehearsals in. Three Sundays and four midweek slots.

The production (practical) side of things has shuddered into life. Many and most thanks to Graham for a suitably striking publicity image. Ongoing thanks to Costume Mistress Chloe for continued attention to what the cast might put on their bodies during show week. And the musical team had their first meeting last week, simultaneous to a rehearsal so that is now starting to lollop along too.

The acting was the bit that worried me more, on account of this foolish / fashionable notion of encouraging naturalistic performances by urging the cast to "block" themselves. But in actuality, on account of being blessed with an astoundingly competent cast, even this portion of the production appears to be a relative breeze. The odd "not listening" incident but with such a huge cast, I would expect this to happen more often that it (to date) has.

Only one rageful moment to date and that only arose when I felt BS was (justifiably) laughing at me. But I made sure to remember my audience (I haven't worked with many of them before), succumbed to an impatient snap and then tried to appear good-humoured, relaxed and devil-may-care again. As I surely always do - right?

Equilibrium is, it must be said, much aided by my two stellar assistant directors. While I herd cats, they scribe and scribble and make sense of the chaotic wanderings, ensuring that these are committed to paper for posterity. I salute them for I'd possibly have lost hair without them by now.

Mind, I say this and Tuesday (tomorrow) will be the real test. As on this day (tomorrow), I have not just the speakers for critical rabble rousing scenes two, seven and eight but I have all associated waifs and strays scheduled to descend on our far too small rehearsal rooms to block the crowds. Then the fun shall really begin.


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