Sunday, September 22, 2013

My phone (from which I sometimes blog) isn't co-operating at the moment. So imagine you're reading this on Friday just gone:

Nine rehearsals in and a pleased director. I think it's more or less blocked. Small hiccups like holiday absences to one side, I think we have a more or less complete set of significant scrawls denoting movements alongside getting on for most of the lines. Which is not inconsiderably exciting given that we still have two months and a tiny bit till the show is on. 

Last night, we did the back end of the play. Final five scenes, more or less in a row. And they - in beautiful contrast to Tuesday's fleshy middle of the play - almost looked organised. 

We have some fine old performances shaping up already on account of my really pretty brilliant cast. Now we just need to make sure they know what all the words mean. 



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