Sunday, August 25, 2013

Whatever Gets You Through The Night.

I've been itching to see this for a year. It was first on in Glasgow last year. The Arches. A perfect home for it.

A collaboration between the lady of the zeitgeist Cora Bissett and the ever magical David Grieg. 

And billed as a "music and theatre spectacular", it was always very likely to be just my cup of tea. 

And so it was. 

A delicious delightful stromash of little playlets. Shaken up with an ambitious array of musicians. Featuring two of the bands that were responsible for two fifths of the Forgive Us soundtrack, Conquering Animal Sound and Meursault. So I'm automatically predisposed. And with a couple of aerial artistes thrown in for good measure. Cassiopeia, eat your heart out. 

Tiny sections of it were not to my taste. But vast swathes of it were so fitted seamlessly to my tastes that the other slivers didn't matter one bit.

To describe it as a twenty-first century thinking man's cabaret isn't intended as a disservice. It's intended as a "wish I could do that". 

It's a lovely eclectic jumble of a show that considers survival strategies for (4:48) insomnia. Sort of.

And it's worth seeing only for the (justly much lauded) Chips and Cheese parade.

You've only got tonight left for it. 22:30 at the Queen's Hall.


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