Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My first JC nightmare on Sunday night.

I was back in the hall at my secondary school. A long hall with a medium sized rudimentary stage and a balcony for additional viewing delectation.

It was the first read through. Except for reasons not wholly clear, it was a walk-through. And a musical.

The opening number. This at least I had "choreographed". "Go!" I cried. And 23 people poured onto the medium sized stage. The stage considerately extended as the people flowed on and on. 

They stopped. All faces turned to me. 

23 faces.

"What next, Claire?" they asked, mutely.

I caught Jonathan McGarrity's eye. (Not in it.) He winked. As if to say yup, this'll be a waking nightmare. Good luck.

"Ok, let's begin at the beginning," I said smartly. "Scene 1 people please."

Everyone else drifted off the stage.

The four people in scene 1 were left looking at each other. (Accurate. Scene 1 does contain four people.)

I waited for them to start.

Heather (not in it) turned to me. "So where should we stand, Claire?"

I woke in a wild panic.

And so it begins.


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