Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I don't want to tell you anything about The Ballad of the Burning Star.

But you should go and see it. (Pleasance Dome, every day, 17:15.)

A company called Theatre AdInfinitum created it. I've been stalking them since bumping into their Translunar Paradise last Fringe. It proved to be one of the most gorgeous pieces of (physical) theatre I've ever seen. Think the first ten minutes of Up turned into a full length real life piece of theatre with live music and you'll be something close to its loveliness.

I saw it. I cried. I was hooked.

So I've been hanging off the emails they've been sending me since then trailing their new show. The proposed plot sounded a little alarming - but having seen it, I can see how they might struggle to write 40 remotely encapsulating words for the fringe programme entry. To say it defies description is lazy talk.

But it's not strictly dance. Definitely not musical. Partly a play - but they move around considerably more than you might see in a play. Partly physical theatre - but they speak. Partly live music show but with bundles else on top of that.

It's witty, very very pretty, feisty, funky, pert, pointed, political, punchy, compassionate, complex, powerful, historical, all about now, human, heart-rending and horrific. All in one. Brilliantly done.

All that you'd hope for from a Fringe show. Please go see.

For audacity, creativity and wonderment alone, they deserve to sell out.


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