Saturday, August 03, 2013

The fringe the fringe has rolled around again. And this time, I'm (shock) foot loose and show free.

I'm not wholly sure that I like it. The show free less bit of it. (No, wait. I can absolutely categorically say that I don't like it. One bit. Don't do it again.) But I'm trying to think instead of how lucky I am to have so much time to dawdle today when I could be in the midst of my tech (whom'I kidding? Jealous as a cat).

I'd obviously far rather spend the morning ankle deep in paper trying to figure out a read through date that 23 people can simultaneously attend.

But it does have the advantage of creating a little more headspace to procure desirable tickets ("That? Oh ho yes, that's a really good one" said the boy in the Trav box office. "And what about Grounded?" I asked, eager for affirmation by proxy. "That's had really great reviews too." *smug*) and apply a degree of thought to my reviews but yet still shun emails that friends sent two months ago with kind and proactive suggestions of outings that cmf might find fun.

I'm also eerily aware that though the whole glorious jamboree of the fringe is currently unfurled in front of me, give it three weeks and it's time for JC.

So enjoy the calm, cmf, may our shiny happy (bit*hes) fringe casts break loads of legs and shake yourself down for the storm which is lurking just around the corner.


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