Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two things.

It's not my show. It's nothing to do with me. I have hardly even one iota of responsibility for it beyond this fortnight. So why do I feel The Rage?

7:20 last night. The conscientious ones arrived shortly after seven. The ones who believe they're too busy to be on time (yes, yes, unfair and I would be in this camp if The Shoe Was On The Other Foot) at approx quarter past. A few stragglers at 7:25 who immediately start jumping into costume as they know they're naughty. 7:30. Cast of twenty-two. Approx six are missing. One absent all night and accounted for (though the excuse wouldn't cut it in show week). One absent for part of the night and we'll forgive that one on account of remorse displayed / unavoidable circumstance etc. But the other four?


Oh, they tiptoe in, grinning and capering with apologies. But DON'T THINK I DIDN'T NOTICE is all.

Thing two. It's not just me.

My festival cast were a dream. Don't forget - shout the gods of the theatre everytime I step into that noisy distraction-filled room - don't forget, they boom, that your cast of five festival show was a picnic in the park. This is real show life. Hoarse throated hollering over the babble never everyone paying attention all of the time show life.

And the festival show was not without incident. The vest and the supposed ill-fitting shoes stand out. And you always wonder (I always wonder) whether it's just me. Just because I am directing.

Well, this isn't absolute proof. But I notice to my pleasure that despite numerous warnings, still last night, a pack of them not in costume. Or half costumed. Or pretend trying. Others - and I love you all - trying their absolute level best. And for this we thank you.

One pair of 'lost' shoes through simple inattention. And now I must sacrifice my own shoes that I WEAR for her. One pair of reindeer socks (but we'll let him off as he's small and his mum is being a star). One far too modern shirt but I guess he was trying. And acres of inappropriate foot and head ware.

Man they're like sheep.

Must remember to never do a big cast show again.



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