Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I am babysitting a play.

Poor old DG has had to trek off to the other side of the world to sort out some tricky business shenanigans. And my heart brims with sympathy for him as I would be inconsolable - well, you know, for a while - if this were to happen to me.

So for a brief fortnight, and - luckily - ably and capably assisted by AD extraordinaire, I'm babysitting a cast of 22 including - oh my life - two - yes, that's TWO - children.

I'm overseen two rehearsals to date. And all very fun it was too. As whenever some silly upstart actor questioned the blocking, rather than having to defend my artistic (or not) sensibilities, I could bat it right back at them and say that it was DG's art at work and they could debate with him when he comes back but for now, their job is to execute as best as they are able.

And there are a lot of executions as it happens in Richard III.

So I've been a little blase about it all.

Then I woke up at 5:45am worrying about this blocking situation and that character development work and That Thing That Happens At The End that really needs a bit more work yet.

Clearly, babysitting comes with a bit of responsibility too.


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