Sunday, November 11, 2012

While not yet plumbing the depths of the (festival show) post-rehearsal night that I ate, for my evening meal, a tin of chickpeas, I have achieved new heights of culinary excellence this week.

Pre-general meeting and during the committee meeting this week, I ate a Greek salad that poured balsamic vinegar onto the table all the while from a foil takeaway carton.

Post-Thursday's rehearsal, I made an exquisite evening meal of.... pasta and peas. With butter. Courtesy entirely of a late October freezer compartment defrosting exercise that was perhaps approximately two years overdue. And means that I can now store frozen peas. Frabjous frozen day.

I can't entirely blame the show as I was only rehearsing Sunday and Thursday this week on account of my long standing commitment to 42nd Street. (Which incidentally, for all you'll care, first featured at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and not the other place that I'd incorrectly thought it was. I stand corrected, thank you, Mother.) But I was away at the weekend last so I suppose this did not help my preparations for the week ahead.

Anyway, you'll be relieved to know that today, I Bought Vegetables. And even a little fruit. You'll not know me for radiance when next we meet.


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