Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anyway, look, sorry, I've been a bit quiet here lately. I'm sure you've all been devastated by the yawning silence.

It's not actually that I've been bone idle. But more that:

- I'm sort of quietly starting to organise a thing that is - for the first time in my quasi / un-professional life - embargoed (is that even a word??) so I may not speak of it. Yet.

- I'm sort of quietly thinking about my contribution to a thing which is very definitely not embargoed and you all may attend. And that is this.

- I'm about to inherit a play for the baby-sitting for a fortnight. But I don't think I should really talk about that here.

- I'm beginning discussions with some illustrious talent concerning a venture in 2013. Of which more, if you're not already paying your membership fees, on 21 November.

- Oh and I saw Bond. Sorry. Skyfall. Amazing. Go see.

So I'm keeping busy.

It just makes for light blogging.


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