Thursday, October 11, 2012

I always feel slightly fraudulent when attending a classical music concert. For I don't really know what I'm listening for.

As demonstrated by the fact that I sat through tonight's very lovely performance by the Doric String Quartet at the Brunton, slept for only a fraction of the final piece from Mr Beethoven and when asked what I thought, managed a succinct but uninformative: "it was good!"

Further demonstrated by the fact that after I'd patiently queued for a CD, tried and failed to take the cellophane off so they could sign it, only to be bailed out by the beautiful viola-ist, the most insightful thing I could think to say, all of a tizz, to the second violin was the masterful "are your fingers not all callused?" Bless the boy, he launched into a long explanation about how perhaps it was so that a cellist's fingers might be more toughened as the strings are wiry-er but his fingers were not too bad. A little tougher on this hand than that. I could have a look if I wanted? And he extended his (insured for thousands?) neat little hands.

Frozen in panic (should I take his hand? Stroke the balls of his fingers to marvel at their baby softness?), I muttered a nothing in response and thrust the CD at him: "sign?"

I don't think I'll be finding love with a professional musician any time soon. 

Anyway, they were lovely in manner, grace and their instrumental art. I'd recommend that you enjoy one of their non-callused concerts yourself. But you have two brief dates in Scotland (after today's appointment in "Musselburgh, Scotland"), London and then the world. So you might find it easier to get a CD.


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