Friday, July 01, 2011


They did good.

Given that - bless their hearts - they've only run scraps to date AND that these scraps have never been in the right order, they made a remarkably good job of cobbling together something that looked like a show.

It staggered a bit in places but you'd expect that.

And some of the acting left a little to be desired.

But with 6 weeks to go, you'd hope there would be space for improvement as how on earth else would I occupy myself (and themselves) in the weeks to come?

Even time-wise, we were kind of ok. It came in at an hour and forty. So we need to shed 15 minutes.

Our Lovely Costume Lady is currently working on the Bard in the Botanics shows over in Glasgow and commented that their Midsummer Night's Dream (opened a week and a half ago to 4 star reviews) was running at an hour longer than it should have been with two days to go til curtain up.

So there's hope.


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