Monday, June 27, 2011

I sprung a sly homework exercise on my cast in advance of yesterday's rehearsal.

To establish the thought that togas will not be involved in this production, I urged the girls to investigate modern day royalty / being in service to modern day royalty. And the boys were asked to bring something representing modern-day soldierly duty.

A strange of assortment of somethings and nothings was served up.

Some went to town and did a fine and honourable job. (Interestingly, mostly the girls. Cleo, Charmian, Iras and Eros offered up a careful collection of well-thought through contributions including a set of medals for honourable army service. And this from innocent Iras. )

The boys had a ramshackle collection of things (or excuses for no things).

A neat demonstration of why girls do better at school.


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