Monday, June 20, 2011

I spent the weekend doing an extraordinary thing that has nothing whatsoever to do with theatre. You can read more about the plan here. I could list superlatives but I do too much of that already. So I'll settle for an abstemious:

It was good.

I rushed straight from the final presentation (they obligingly put us first) to an A&C rehearsal. Which was an utterly surreal experience. A room full of people who had absolutely no idea what I'd been up to (well, for the most part) and all I wanted to do was tell them about it. But - uncharacteristically - I bit my tongue. Directing aside.

Which actually was easy to do.

I've been too slippily sucked into the mire of the uphill trek that is pulling the production side of things together over the past week. Panicing and fretting about things getting done. It's an odd juggling act - the 'artistic' requirements and the practical ones. I suspect that too often, I spend far too much of my time considering the practical. This is why I can scarcely answer a single practical question about the content of the current show.

(Or else I'm just stupendously lazy.)

But suddenly on Sunday afternoon, it dawned on me (and I've realised it before, I'll have you know and shall again) that I've got a really rather superb pack of actors in this show. Super professional, super talented, exceedingly pleasant, polite and perky AND they give every appearance of listening to what I say and executing it - even when they violently disagree. It's a practically perfect collection.

Tonight, I picked up a press release from my lovely publicity lady (must do something about the programme) for a good quality local publication. She'd written it all out. Not a thing for me to do but ok it. I like these kinds of emails. And I've updated the egtg site at last. So my various scattered images about the web are - for now - vaguely consistent.

Wait til the venue programme comes out. That'll ruin the harmony.

Nonetheless, it's all very very exciting.


Blogger imw said...

Either you've been keeping your software development skills well hidden or you must have been there as a branding and business expert.

Where did you put that expertise - Foodini?

12:17 pm  
Blogger claire said...

Exactly right. I wasn't wholly sure why I was there to be honest but they took me in and I chose not to complain.

I was not involved in the winning team but instead, with runners up, Room For Tea. Incredibly, given the skimpy timescales involved, you can find 'us' here:

Sadly, my (fake) profile pics, taken at 10:30pm on Saturday night in and around the Informatics Building of Edinburgh University, have not made it onto the website. Though that probably isn't that sad really.

10:42 pm  

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