Sunday, July 03, 2011

Now I swear to god I didn't cast him purely for this reason (sorry, at all for this reason) but Enobarbus has a flat fit for the very king himself.

This is relevant only because the weather in Edinburgh today was astonishingly beautiful. And unlike anywhere further south, this - in the context of this summer - is a novelty worthy of note.

He's clearly feeling un-sun-kissed as he entreated me to relocate today's rehearsal to his (uh huh!) balcony. Which seems less ridiculous if you see the amply plump size of it. I'm sorry to say that it's possibly about the length of my entire flat.

So we had a fine old strut and fret on Antony's best mate's decking. As the Edinburgh skyline smiled on us. And the sun beat down on us (and dammit, I didn't suncream my snout!).

Remarkable to see how much finer our scrappy show looks with a backdrop of spires as opposed to a peeling map of Scotland, a dog-eared calendar featuring inspiring biblical quotations and a ramshackle collection of broken plastic toys.

Best of all, I made them write letters to each other - character exploration, don't you know? - so I got to sit and sunbathe. (And snack on cheese straws.)



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