Friday, June 26, 2009

Thrillingly, Monday's rehearsal started 7 minutes early as everyone arrived promptly. It was marvellous.

In a bid to better my offering to my actors, I've been madly reading and reading (aided in this by late late clients who have not the manners to start a meeting on time) So you want to be a theatre director? by Stephen Unwin. This was a gift from a (clearly thinking I'm inadequate and have much room for improvement before I could dare to call myself such) friend.

As always the way with such educational books, you home in on the bits that suit your purposes. So my favourite quote to date is this:

The fact is, however, that the best theatre is always driven by a kind of libido, and directors without any sensual undertone or erotic frisson are likely to produce dull work.

Pity my actors at tonight's rehearsal.


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