Friday, June 19, 2009

A sluggish rehearsal last night. I think nobody's heart (except of course, mine) was quite in it and I had more or less lost my voice (same old). But I laughed until I wept so that made up for it.

Jacques / Creon did a brilliant tragic hero in The Final Scene of Death. Ross was pranking around and even Jo became irreverent in the face of fierce competition. It was very entertaining. To me, anyway.

Just met with the venue and I realise that my fine ideas about actors slipping behind the curtain on the stage left side of the side are futile as, in the age old cliche, there is barely room for a cat to go slipping about in there.

On the positive side, I have a lighting hanging plan and - father - we can light the aisle. He thinks we can hang something atop the scaffolding that keeps the seats up. As long as we provide our own wiring!


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