Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Wild Honey" starts this week. Tomorrow in fact.

I've been a useless general manager I think. Shabbily skating from one panic to the next. Although to be fair, the situation hasn't been aided by a succession of small crises which have thrown up all kinds of unforeseen complications.

But the move-in went beautifully smoothly at the weekend. Clearly my wide paniced eyes imploring people at the AGM to help help help had some small impact. And I sawed a few pieces of wood and stuck some flowers into trellises and went back and forth to Subway on coffee and sandwich trips by way of moral support. I think I should like to be a runner if I had another life. I find these simple errands nicely satisfying.

And yesterday I sloped into the tech late after my writing workshop and painted a door black to hide a white patch and then went home again. Still, it's surely the thought that counts.

Should be a good show despite my shambolic efforts so do come see. Adam House on Chambers Street tomorrow through to Saturday at 7:30. Give me a special wink in the foyer and I'll give you a discount on your ticket price.


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