Thursday, September 07, 2006

First read-through tonight. Supposedly with the whole cast although I know at least 3 people can't come and I suspect more are going to forget / be late / get the venue wrong etc. But I can't bring myself to send out an email reminder like a crazy nag. Must remember that most other people - in fact all other people - have a great deal more going on in their lives than this play. Perhaps it is only me that has it looming like an enormous behemoth (bit of a tautology there I suspect but I think the occasion warrants it) in the little sky above my little world. (God, cut the self-pity with a knife.)

Anyway, first read through tonight. And I am actually very excited about it. It'll be great to get everyone (ish) together and hear it read aloud. A fair number of the production people are coming too which is brilliant as I really want to get them involved before the final week so we have more of a team thing going on.

My big dread is we'll be trotting along nicely and then a terrible silence will fall and I'll realise I've forgotten to cast someone. Still, soon see!


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