Thursday, August 24, 2006

In twelve weeks, we'll be almost done. An alarming thought.

I am currently having a nightmare trying to arrange the rehearsal schedule. Needless to say when I circulated the original schedule, no-one (except the very efficient) said very much about what they couldn't manage. Now that I've re-circulated it to prompt them, all kinds of evening classes and work commitments are slithering out of the woodwork. It's like one of those gridlike logic puzzles. If Mr C can make it on Tuesday between 6:15 and 8, who else thereby can't? God bless those precious few who have empty social lives and no professional commitments.

Still, we have a sound / vision man on board, thanks sincerely to Mr JGH. And he sounds like he'll be a cracker. I think I might even have some music. A little industrial style Depeche Mode. So just need to sort out whether we'll actually have any 'vision'. And find a stage manager, a prompt and a props person. And we'll be away. Easy.

If I can ever get more than 3 people turning up to a rehearsal at once, that is.


Blogger Golfer said...

I own up to having no professional commitments but I resent my social life being categorised as empty. I have simply established certain priorities, but now that I think of it the chess club meets on Tuesdays (I really must learn to play properly) and there's what looks like a very promising series of Dad's Army repeats on the telly on Thursdays this autumn and I'm much attracted to bird watching excursions on Sunday afternoons (one bird in particular). Maybe there's something in that empOrEr idea.

8:38 am  
Blogger Golfer said...

What's happened to the "lovely Patricia" and "really excellent girl" of earlier posts?

3:43 pm  

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