Friday, August 04, 2006

Here's a comically interesting turn up for the books. I spoke to Samual French months ago to establish whether or not I could trim the script to make it rather more palatable for an attention deficit riddled modern day audience. And they led me to expect that this request was nothing out of the ordinary and would certainly be granted with little more than an approving tick of the pen.

So I (finally - so badly organised) submitted my proposed edit to them yesterday. Only to receive a call from this morning (very efficient - very impressive) saying why did I wish to cut the script as the estate of Mr Brecht could be tricky..?

Lovely Terry / Terence and I agreed that I wished to cut the script on the grounds of time. So he will put it to them. But apparently they can refuse outright to let me cut anything at all. Which would make things rather interesting.

We could get T-shirts printed: I survived The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

Bitchily I thought I'd fling the cat in amongst the cooing pigeons and point out oh so casually that an American High School group are performing "Chalk Circle" in the Fringe. And that appears to accommodate all manner of shenanigans. But he knew all about this and apparently Brecht's estate don't mind this at all. Perhaps as it's a more radical overhaul than mine.

Still, as Ross pointed out, if we must perform it in its entirety, we can always have copious intervals and harvest plenty of tea and coffee money for our coffers...


Blogger Golfer said...

Please don't let them make me learn any more words.

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