Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I do rather feel that I've spent every waking minute that I haven't been at work for the past week working on this bloody production. Is this the world of the full length play?

Two nights - and actually a portion of bank holiday Monday - last week listening to music and trying to work out what might go where. Friday night, I staggered home after a client night out to burn the music onto a CD. Amazing how much more quickly a CD burns when you're half drunk.

Saturday, leapt up much earlier than I would have liked to block block block. Although you know, I self-pityingly say that but I did manage to take a chunk out of the day to meet Siobhan and Miriam in Clambers. And a few hours to sit through an extraordinary sex show which passed itself off as high art and the end to the International Festival. "Platform" at the Lyceum. Highlight was the naked girl. I say naked. She was wearing a pair of high heels. So it's not all bad.

Sunday more blocking. Finished splitting up the lines between the two "singers". Marked up some scripts with the cuts. Then a happy whirl of a costume meeting, a rehearsal and a committee meeting. And last night (which was only Monday) spent three hours with the (rather fabulous) lighting man who is undoubtedly going to do a brilliant job as he clearly knows much more about lights than I could ever dream of.

Oh, and one or maybe two of my cast have pulled out. For very good reasons. But I'm floundering around trying to find replacements before the first read through on Thursday. Not that all the cast can make it so I really don't know why I'm worrying. More fool me I suppose.

My friend Mr Neill had remarked that I hadn't posted anything on my blog about the first rehearsal. And indeed, it did rather pass me by in a flurry of other stuff. I keep consoling myself with the thought that doing all this stuff now will save great swathes of time and anxiety later.

Or maybe this feeling of steadily mounting panic will now accompany me like a cosy old jumper through the next eleven weeks. Happy days.


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