Friday, August 12, 2016

In the past week:

A panic rehearsal with Oberon on his return from Spain before I rushed to see
Heads Up by Kieran Hurley at Summerhall which is an excellent show and well worth seeing
A spirited accoustic performance amidst the hubbub of the Royal Mile from our marvellous singers and band members
A dress rehearsal that only partially contained the whole cast
The get in to the venue
The tech
Three half days at work
A heartrending but excellent performance by Inspector Sands of a play called The Lounge, also Summerhall
Our opening night to not quite a full house but near as dammit
The marvellous Glasgow Girls by my favourites at Assembly Hall
Three sellout performances of our show, one outstanding, one scratchy, one pretty much spot on
Expensive Shit at the Traverse which was just my cup of tea
I bought three cans of glitter spray as the fairies are going through it like nothing else
I bought more tights as the fairies are going through them like nothing else
I cooked a couple of meals for my long-suffering dad who repaid me by defrosting my fridge
I enjoyed David's show / Neil La Bute's show In a Forest, Dark and Deep. A two hander so it's a bit of an endurance test for the actors but they do stupendously and the production has all of the hallmarks of David's marvellous hawklike imaginative eye
I told lots of people that "sellout" means there aren't any more tickets
I marvelled at Us/Them which is a captivating, heart-searing show at Summerhall. By BRONKS from Belgium. It's wondrous
I did not marvel at Daffodils at the Trav. I really wanted to like it but I've been spoilt now and it felt inconsequential. Not like Midsummer Night's Dream. Oh ho no. That is about love and magic. Both very important themes.
I bought a fridge.
I scoured the internet for our review. Not that it matters a jot as yesterday morning, WE SOLD OUT FOR THE REST OF THE RUN.
(I know that's only three days but what a delight.)
And now, right now, I have 58 whole minutes before I need to be at the venue. I don't have anyone I need to talk to. I don't have anything I need to do (beyond buy tights). Bliss.

But Edinburgh Fringe, I would not swap you for the world.

Here is the cast (spot me?) and our magic band celebrating out sellout status yesterday. We have two more nights to go. Love for each and all of them is burbling about my heart.


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