Friday, August 05, 2016

Somehow. I still have no time to write about anything much. It's all about the get in to the venue just now. Which I guess is ok as it's - TOMORROW.

But alongside a dress rehearsal and getting all of our kits into the venue, we will also enjoy a brief performance on the Lower Stage on the Royal Mile. At 2:50pm to be precise.

I've been in Edinburgh for twenty years now. I've been in Fringe shows or reviewing Fringe shows or directing Fringe shows for all of that time. And I haven't once had anything to do with one of these impromptu performances on the Royal Mile stages. So this is pretty exciting. A long in the tooth Fringe first.

Our beautiful band will be the headliners. With star turns from Puck, Peaseblossom, Hippolyta and backing vocals from our mischievous fairies. I hope we shall see you there.

Here are some more rather stunning photos from Judith which have been adorning teaser show emails this week. Thank you, Judith!

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