Thursday, June 16, 2016

I think the word is infatuated. 

I am infatuated with my cast.

One of them went for a job interview on Tuesday and I kept wanting to email him to find out how he got on but kept reminding myself that he has known me for only two minutes so might think it creepy and strange. 

Another week's rehearsals under our belt and they continue to delight me. Whether obligingly pranking around in my endless 'let's not be frightened by Shakespeare' exercises or my (also endless) 'getting to know you' escapades, whether writing letters to their loves or just simply, you know, rehearsing the scenes, they are kind and punctual and enthusiastic and sweet and just generally delightful.  

I have made (at least) one appalling mistake already. Various circumstances conspired to abandon a band rehearsal on Tuesday. I managed to inform most of the people that they were no longer needed. But I failed - the most substantial failure of all - to let 15 year old Moth know. She travels through from - not just the other side of Edinburgh but miles and miles and miles away in - Paisley! My face must have been a picture of horror when she walked in - as I all I could think was PAISLEY.

She was very forgiving. To my face

So my slapdash habits, careless and buffoonery aside, everything is going swimmingly. 

Long (did I say this last week?) (I did) (how dull) may it last. 


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