Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The mechanicals, getting to grips with who's who.

I'm currently hopelessly in love with my cast. 
Here they are pranking around at rehearsals. 
To date (I mean, we're only four proper rehearsals in beyond the read through), they're on time. Ridiculously punctual in many cases. Which means pathetically large brownie points for me. 
They're friendly, receptive to my crazy ideas ("will you just stand on the table?" "Sure." "Will you just make like a wall in between them and stop them getting to each other?" "Sure."), diligent (some ALREADY learning their lines), interested in the story and the script, emailing me asking me for homework, emailing me with costume sizes without the provocation of repeat nagging, offering to COME TO EXTRA REHEARSALS.
This last obviously scores the most brownie points of all.
Where I started out, I'll admit, with pretty ambivalent feelings about this "daft wee play", I'm starting to see the entirety of the human condition encapsulated in it. Well, that's maybe an exaggeration but there's lots going on that's interesting beyond some foolish fairies and Shakespeare's classic comedy fallback, mistaken identity. 
To which credit should mostly go to my cast, of course. (And Liz.) 
Long may it last.  
Lysander, Demetrius and Helena, torn betwixt them.


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