Monday, March 03, 2014

As with White Christmas, it's probably fair to say that the greatest source of fun during this show came from - well, one of two things actually. Having the above photograph taken way back in December. Or else maybe from having the middle one of these lovely ladies clasp my hands throughout with a gleeful fidget whenever the show threatened to descend into dance - or better yet, rain.

I don't remember seeing the film though I've obviously seen The Dance Of The Street Lamps.

I had no idea - and not even any preconceptions - about what the story might be.

Silly, as it turned out. But then few stories aren't. Most especially the true ones.

This centres on two dear friends, performers both, cut their teeth in music hall, transition into - and here we divert from the course of White Christmas - film. And do very well for themselves, thank you very much.

But then handsome desirable one can't find a lady love. Until he finds love with the least likely lady possible. She also turns out to be an amazing singer / dancer / actor. Who ends up supplanting the silly but pretty girl he's been co-starring with until that point, much to her chagrin.

That's it.

But there is a lot of dancing. In this production, there's some not bad singing. Some half decent (oh my life, she's SUCH a beeyatch) acting. There IS rain which was pretty wonderful, despite the fact that we'd been waiting for it from the moment we entered the theatre.

And it all adds up to make an innocuously fun night out.

Gene Kelly, it wasn't. But then nor was George Sampson and we didn't like him any the less for that.


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