Sunday, January 02, 2011

Party detritus:

About one thousand jelly sweets. Damn you all, you ate them last year with joyous gluttony

44 empty bottles (including one no longer containing lemon vodka, one Canarian honey liqueur - thanks Andy and Sue! - and one Talisker)

10 empty cans (inc. two which contained pre-mixed vodka and coke - uck)

A great deal of plastic cups containing aforementioned honey liqueur. Was I alone in thinking it delicious?

3 half empty bottles (one red, one white, one obscure banana liqueur)

(For the nth year in a row, no-one touched my grappa or rough Japanese firewater)

3 snack pork pies

1 false beard

1 crocodile, Colin

1 trapeze artiste's scarf

1 Cari Silver scarf, in the softest of fabrics

1 DVD of Charlie Chaplin's The Circus

Half a black bun

-1 bathroom door handle (courtesy of my one-time Musical Director who clearly doesn't know his own strength. Though unlike last year's chair culprit, he had the grace to own up!)

-1 set of house keys (courtesy of the - well I used to think - Kindest Man in the World)

To all of you who couldn't get taxis, were struggling with stinking (of what?) colds or hot-tubbing, selfishly ski-ing, hangover avoiding, Aylesbury-ing, nacho gorging or solitary moment-ing, we missed you very much.

But for all those that were there, I had a stupendous time. Thank you.


Blogger Neil said...

I'd like to point out that I did not, in fact, take the handle off the door - I cut my hand open on the remaining sharp edge when I went to turn it and it wasn't there! Then spent fifteen minutes in the bathroom trying to get back out again, like a character from a 70's farce ;)

10:30 am  

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